Sunday, December 14, 2014

The blog is not dead; not this one, anyway

Hello, I'm Dan. I used to blog/have-a-website, and gave it up like it was a fad. Now I'm back; but before I decided whether to actually do this, I wanted to see if blogging was in fact, dead, like they say Perl or Latin or Elvis is dead. Good news...

Yes! Blogging IS dead! It is dead like Perl, or Latin, or Elvis!

What this means in dannospeak is that there is no longer the promise of a potential audience of 6 Billion; the Internet has moved on in a big way, and blogging is no longer the fountainhead of the 'internet experience' it was a decade ago.

But is it dead-dead? If you read this far, then no. Doing a bit o' research, I find this recurring thought of chasing the audience to the lowest common denominator of communication. Twitter set the standard for short bursts of communication, of which this would have been multiple tweets by now. But I find it insulting that the assumption is that the only thing people want to read is something short. Sometimes long form has it's place. Ironic that that was the shortest sentence, isn't it?

Blogging is dead because for some silly reason it's longform style held an overly-significant amount of attention for an overly-significant amount of time- it was outsized in it's influence, and now has shrunk.

Blogging isn't dead because it's now shrunk down to what it needs to be: a place where one can curl up and READ. That isn't for everyone all the time; but try getting a deeper insight on any subject on Twitter. I'll extend the challenge- try getting a deeper insight about Twitter on Twitter; the medium itself is inadequate to explain the psychology revolving around it.

But why do I personally return to blogging? Half the reasoning is for me, half for anyone that shares my interests. For me, I will forget things that are important/valuable to me, and/or esoteric in nature. I also like to gab. Regardless of the size of my readership, I feel that's as satisfying to me as it would be to anyone that would find value here. :)

Comment is not only welcome, it is appreciated. Here's to going down in flames!

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